121719 Forecast

Mountain Area Forecast ( Dec 17-19 )

ALERT For Icy Conditions For Those Traveling Across The High Country of The High Knob Massif During Sunday Afternoon ( December 17 )

State Route 619 at Camp Rock During Afternoon of December 16, 2017
Although sections of State Route 619 remained snow covered and locally icy on Saturday, light precipitation ( some snow-mix-rain ) has combined with temperatures falling to around or below 32 F at highest elevations Sunday afternoon.  Caution is Advised.
High Knob Lake Recreation Area – Christmas Bird Count – December 16, 2017
Conditions were cold and gusty Saturday, but nothing like Sunday with low wind chills being generated by ROARING SSW-SW winds.
Black Mountain Mesonet For 1-Hour Period Ending At 2:35 PM December 17, 2017