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Today’s Forecast

This Page Features An Enhanced National Weather Service Data Display System With A Vast Amount Of Variables That You Can Select To Be Displayed.  It Opens In A New Window.

NWS Enhanced Data Display

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Jackson, Kentucky Dual Pol Doppler

My forecast for today can be found along with a detailed weather discussion by clicking on: My Forecast For Today.

These forecasts are specifically made for the area in and surrounding the High Knob Massif, centered upon Norton-Wise & adjacent communities ( they may also be applicable at times to other upslope locales amid the southern Appalachians and their lee shadows ).

It should be noted that throughout my forecasts, and this site, I will continuously refer to lower, middle, and upper elevations.  I break these zones down as follows:

Lower Elevations = Below 2000 feet

Middle Elevations = 2000 to 3000 feet

Upper Elevations = Above 3000 feet

*Although I will sometimes refer to elevations above 2700 feet in the High Knob Massif as being amid the upper elevations, given they are ruled by terrain rising into the upper elevations.
It is therefore important for you to know how high above sea level you live, or what zones above you may be traveling through, in order to get the maximum benefit from my forecasts and discussions which are truly tailored to fit this terrain.


If you want to see and play with the Earth, on a really big-scale, or look at specific portions, I have embedded this new tool that opens in another window.  I have it preset to show the global 500 MB flow ( you can switch to any level desired by clicking on the word “earth” ):

The Earth View – Numerical Models

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*Double click anywhere on Earth to zoom in more and more.  Right click and select “BACK” to zoom out from any location.  Various options are in the Options Box, including SST ( sea surface temperatures ) and SSTA their anomalies.  Note you can go forward in time, but be cautious as that then enters the “numerical model prediction” realm and departs from current flow field or surface condition states which are at the current time.